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19 Turquoise Way, San Francisco

Exterior (before): Landscaping and fence looked unloved. And the seller was unhappy with the dark color of the building.

Exterior (after): The seller insisted we lighten the exterior paint color before we marketed the home. It added substantially to our budget. Was it a mandatory work order? No, but it was a priority for the seller and he agreed with our designer’s color choice.

Living room (before): Appealing space with hardwood floors in good shape. “If only we could get away from the orange color these oak floors have turned over the years, I’d be much happier,” the seller said. Our designer also recommended lighter walls to take the wet blanket off the room.

Living room (after): Fulfilled the seller’s wish: a floor stain/finish in a cool gray. Removed window coverings for an upbeat, sunny vibe. Painted walls and ceiling neutral white, so the ceiling seemed to float and accentuate the open beams. New colors complemented the fireplace granite and buyers commented how much they loved it.

Dining room (before): While the interior architecture was not changed, we wanted to update the design elements, such as floor and wall color, and create more visual space.

Dining room (after): Our new look communicated clean and contemporary, with a sense of comfortable, elegant living. Not stuffiness.

Living room, view 2 (before): Didn’t show as modern and spacious.

Living room, view 2 (after): The redesign carried into the main hall and foyer. The minute buyers walked in they got an immediate sense of the dramatic ceiling height and clean, bright design theme.

Back yard (before): The outdoor space was wild and ungroomed (and blurry, sorry). However, we could envision its potential.

Back yard (after): Polished up and ready for relaxing. Our designer made great use of the seller’s Asian art pieces throughout the yard and home.

Kitchen (after): Sleek and clean, the kitchen seemed like a different room than when I first toured the home. Our designer came up with just the right plan, and under budget too.

Site Conditions

  • Departing tenants left a lot of damage inside the home
  • Missing fixtures, only 2 functioning bathrooms, deconstructed down to the studs, seller was out of funding and ideas
  • Craig researched permit records and job card for downstairs remodel (expanded square footage, new master suite, updated seismic, electrical and plumbing) was signed but not recorded with City
  • Kitchen resurfacing was not complete, storage areas were packed with old furniture

Results of Our Work

  • Our contractor met with inspector, who called for additional refinements to construction and finally approved closure of permits and recorded approved work
  • Moved seller out to allow for $100,000 in work, completed over 2 weeks
  • Designer selected finishes and fixtures to complement existing for cohesive, contemporary appearance
  • Received 6 offers, all well above asking

The Numbers

  • Listed $1.799M
  • Sold $ 2.1M
  • Offers – 6
  • Days on market – 41

A Big-Budget Undertaking

Craig had a listing in the neighborhood many years ago and it caught this seller’s attention. Meticulous, articulate and very assured, he wanted to exit his home, but his life was complicated.

He had made short-term rentals to ‘friends’ who eventually became terrible tenants. And with no immediate need or incentive to sell, he let things go.

Although the homeowner had started many projects, he left the property’s entire lower level demolished down to the studs. Craig’s research showed signatures for permit completion on the job cards but they weren’t recorded in the building department records. A lot of work remained—on the home and the cleanup tasks of closing permits, conducting inspections, etc.

Craig was concerned with the sizable $100,000+ budget established to update the home, so he focused on generating the highest possible return for the seller’s investment.

19 Turquoise Way Construction Plan

Exterior Painting and Landscaping$15,900Replace damaged decking on 2 sides of home. New exterior paint, designer color selection. Clear yard and haul debris, add bamboo, plantings and landscape materials. Install ground cover, trim trees and shape vegetation.
Interior Painting$14,400Patch, sand and paint throughout the home, including garage and kitchen cabinets. Designer color choice.
Hardwood Flooring$14,800Remove existing carpet, sand and stain varying wood tones to one rich, unifying color. Apply finish.
Remodel Master Bathroom $22,200Finish project started by seller many years ago. Designer material choices.
New Interior Lights$3,800Install LED recessed cans and track lighting with brushed nickel finish. 
2 Bathrooms - Resurfacing$13,900Install new stone counters, undermount sinks and single stem brushed nickel faucets. Install new wall-mounted mirror and LED brushed nickel light fixture (mounted over glass). Remove existing glass shelves. Install new flooring and paint rooms.
Kitchen Appliances and Resurfacing$17,900New cabinetry, brushed nickel handles, stone counters, undermount sink, single stem brushed nickel faucet, low-profile stainless steel range hood, new flooring, upgraded mechanicals throughout. All material selections by our designer.
Power Wash, Window, & Interior Cleaning $1,900Interior cleaning of all appliances, surfaces, bathroom, filters and lights. Wash interior and exterior windows. Power wash exterior brick staircase, around mildew areas, etc.
* Professional staging and finish material consulting $9,800

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