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203 Tiburon Blvd, San Rafael

Front yard (before): Lots of dull brown dirt and bark, with no grassy area for children to play. Our idea—create a large, flat lawn at little cost and no required permits.

Front yard (after): For about $7,000, our team added a new railing and flattened the soil to create an attractive and functional lawn. A dramatic cover shot for the listing. Six large windows brought the outside in and gave parents a nice vantage point to watch children playing outside. No permits were required and landscapers finished in 3 days.

Kitchen (before): Tiled counters, wooden edges, missing cabinet doors, old enamel appliances and brown everywhere. Today’s buyers prefer cooler hues such as steel gray and ice blue. The market for homes perceived to require lots of work is limited. 

Kitchen (after): Bright, symmetrical and inviting in buyer-approved cool hues. Rather than replace the counters, we resurfaced them. New recessed LED lights, flooring, brushed nickel hardware and  stainless appliances, to match today’s preferences. Kitchen transformation ~ $11,000

Hall bathroom (before): The seller was proud of the remodeled bathroom but Craig was concerned. Glass surfaces and lack of counter space would not suit the family buyers we were targeting. The dark, older base cabinet registered as fussy.

Hall bathroom (after): The new, neutral-toned base cabinet and stone top yielded much more counter space and a simplified appeal. ~$4,000

Living room (before): The older shag carpet, darkness, heaviness and view of the drab yard were depressing.

Living room (after): Although the wood under the carpet was of varying types, we had the entire floor sanded and finished in a single rich stain. The view of the refurbished yard became an asset.  $6,100 for floor refinishing.

Master bathroom (before): We all remember when this peachy-colored wood was everywhere. In this application, it did nothing for the room.

Master bathroom (after): LED lighting, new drawer pulls, new faucets and paint made the existing granite tiled counter come to life. $1,550

Bathroom faucets: All fixture and faucet upgrades were selected by our stager. Photo shoots capture the home’s best attributes, including these details that show the home as fresh, modern and move-in ready.

Hot tub: Craig personally choreographs the listing photoshoots as part of the best practices he follows, at no cost to our listing clients. This way we communicate directly with the buyer we’re envisioning and present what matters most to them.

Site Conditions

  • 3-bedroom home in a neglected state
  • Old, drab finishes throughout the home
  • Yard was uninviting and unusable

Results of Our Work

  • Required 2 to 3 weeks for upgrades
  • ROI on $33,000 investment: 400% to 500%
  • Signed listing agreement at $1.199M
  • Marketed home at $1.399M after strategic resurfacing

The Numbers

  • Listed $1.399M
  • Sold $1.455M
  • Offers –  3
  • Days on market – 14

After Resurfacing, a 17% Higher Listing Price

This home looked so good after the resurfacing projects, Craig advocated for the rare step of boosting the listing price by $200,000. This was nearly 17% more than agreed at signing of the listing agreement.

Part of the higher value was converting the dark, barren hillside in front of the home to a coveted flat lawn for children to play, creating a lovely green view outside the living and dining rooms. The lawn was especially important for new families and younger couples, the buyers we were targeting.

The seller was very helpful and did a lot of the work himself. Yet he realized it was in his interest to leave the design, color and accessory decisions to the pros. It certainly paid off.

203 Tiburon Blvd Resurfacing Plan

Exterior Landscaping$7,000Install new retaining wall at downslope edge and flatten elevated landscape to create a flat base for grass. Sod lawn, edge planter areas, install ground cover, trim tree branches and shape vegetation.
Interior Painting$3, 400Includes patching, sanding and painting walls and kitchen cabinets. No ceilings. Designer's color choice.
Hardwood Flooring$6, 100Remove existing carpet, sand and stain varying wood to a single, rich color. Apply finish.
New Vinyl Flooring$1, 200Replace entire kitchen flooring in a color chosen by designer.
New Interior Lights$2, 100Install LED recessed cans and track lighting in brushed nickel finish. Cost includes materials and installation.
Bathrooms$4, 000Install new base cabinet, stone counter, undermount sink and new faucet. Install new wall-mounted mirror and LED brushed nickel light fixture (mounted over glass). Remove existing glass shelves. Paint room.
Kitchen Resurfacing$7, 900Includes new brushed nickel handles, resurfacing of existing countertop, undermount sink, single-stem brushed nickel faucet, low-profile stainless steel range hood, replace kitchen cabinet doors and paint cool gray.
Professional Cleaning, Power Washing$1, 300Interior cleaning of all appliances, surfaces, bathroom, filters and lights. Windows washed inside and out. Power washing of exterior brick staircase, around mildew areas, etc.
Total$33, 00015 business days required to complete all work. Advance planning of 3 weeks to line up vendors, secure dates.

* Professional staging $7,800

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