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421 Clarence St, Point Richmond

Developer Series

Master bath (before): A small, unimpressive bath accompanied the main bedroom.

Master bath (after): Combined two rooms into luxurious, spa-like master bath with view window above the soaking tub. Included muted tile, expansive counters, dual undermount sinks, recessed lighting, separate glass-enclosed shower and private toilet closet.

Kitchen (before): Tiny enclosed kitchen at the end of the long entry living space. The real opportunity was in knocking down walls and relocating the kitchen for maximum buyer appeal.

Kitchen (after): West wing became the newly expanded kitchen, keeping distinctive open-beam ceiling. Highlighted center patio view for entertaining and open floor plan living. New center island with bar counter seating, more work surface and a clean, contemporary look.

Exterior (before): Our challenges: a cluttered look with weathered cedar shakes, wooden trim and dated materials.

Exterior (after): A fresh coat of easy-to-maintain stucco, streamlined further by removing wooden trellis and replacing wooden handrail with iron. The palm tree took center stage and the home appeared much more contemporary.

Back yard (before): Not much eye appeal here.

Back yard (after): Natural stone, a newly stuccoed exterior and the installation of more succulents gave a well-tended, tropical appearance.

Kitchen, view 2 (before): Small, with dark surfaces, the original kitchen was utilitarian but not appealing.

Kitchen, view 2 (after): More glass, larger windows and a center island in contemporary white with premium finishes. It made for a nice contrast with the original ceiling’s sand blasted, muted finish.

Living room (before): Bland and dated, the living room was further diminished by a clunky deck railing and lattice overhang obstructing water and sky views.

Living room (before): Newly designed front door and resurfaced fireplace, plus many new recessed light fixtures transformed the room. Just as valuable were the outdoor updates that revealed beautiful vistas.

Patio (before): We projected that attracting the highest paying buyer would hinge on leading with a beautiful, functional outdoor space. So we had to take on a full update of the patio.

Patio (after): We simplified with color and refreshed surfaces, creating a larger looking space. The new patio design conveyed the lifestyle buyers were seeking.

Patio at dusk (after): Ahhh, who wouldn’t want to live here?

Site Conditions

  • Tiny, outdated kitchen
  • Less than impressive bedroom/bath
  • Stunning views were blocked by architectural clutter

Results of Our Work

  • Created spa bath/master bedroom suite
  • Moved kitchen and expanded to three times original size
  • Magnified the views with wider windows, nearly invisible deck railing

The Numbers

  • Listed $799K
  • Sold $1.24M
  • Offers – 3
  • Days on market – 25

Helping the Developer Get His Money’s Worth

My developer client had paid a pretty penny for this home, based on its incredible views of the bay and multiple bridges. Budgets ran over and city inspectors took a hard line so the renovation was quite delayed.

Our team left major fingerprints on the new home design. Especially significant was the enormous master bathroom suite carved from the original small footprint.

The small, uninspiring original kitchen was reoriented, greatly enlarged and resurfaced.

421 Clarence St., Point Richmond – Developer Resurfacing Plan

Exterior Landscaping$5,300Install new retaining wall at downslope edge and flatten elevation to create a base for grass. Sod lawn, edge planter areas, install ground cover, trim tree branches and shape vegetation.
Interior Painting$3,400Patch, sand and paint walls and kitchen cabinets. No ceilings. Designer color choice.
Hardwood Flooring$4,800Remove existing carpet, sand and stain varying wood to a rich, unifying color. Apply finish.
Kitchen Flooring$1,200Install new vinyl floor in entire kitchen, color chosen by designer.
New Interior Lights$2,100Install LED recessed cans and track lighting in brushed nickel finish.
Bathroom$3,900Install new base cabinet, stone counter, undermount sink and new faucet. Install new wall-mounted mirror and new LED brushed nickel light fixture (mounted over glass). Remove existing glass shelves. Paint room.
Kitchen$7,900New brushed nickel handles, resurfacing of existing countertop, new undermount sink, single-stem brushed nickel faucet, low-profile stainless steel range hood, replace kitchen cabinet doors and paint in cool gray.
Professional Cleaning, Power Washing$1,300Interior cleaning of all appliances, surfaces, bathroom, filters, and lights. Wash interior and exterior windows. Power wash exterior brick staircase, around mildew areas, etc.
Total$29,900All work completed in 15 business days. Advanced planning of 3 weeks to line up work, secure dates.

*Professional staging $8,000

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