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Over the last few years, I’ve completed more than 400 high-pressure real estate transactions. In many cases, I was assisting trustees and their attorneys.

So I get it.

The last thing the attorney wants to do is babysit the sale of grandma’s house. And the trustee, plunged into a stressful situation, needs help moving forward but doesn’t know who to trust.

The trustee may also be paralyzed by a combination of grief, not wanting to make mistakes and pressure from anxious beneficiaries.

How to streamline the sale process for busy, overwhelmed clients?

Well, I don’t do it alone.

My on-call specialty team
I bring in my all-inclusive team of service providers—from movers to painters and stagers.

My long history with these vendors means they provide retail services to my clients at wholesale prices.

I orchestrate the project to generate the highest benefits to the estate, and in the smoothest and most expedient way.

From zero to on-market in two weeks
No reason to drag this out. We generally prep and get the home on the market in a couple of weeks. That means the estate saves these carrying costs:

  • mortgage
  • taxes and HOA fees
  • insurance expenses

We also generate far higher sale prices than a standard trust home sale. My marginal benefits analysis guides the client in choosing the home prep projects with the highest ROI.

With the trustee’s approval, we refresh and stage the home, attracting a larger number of interested buyers, more bids, and often, competition for the property.

Crucial steps for avoiding the trust home slog

  1. Personal property removal
    This phase is key to saving time and money! Nothing grinds the process to a crawl like belongings in the home. But our system allows us to clear out a 5,500-sq.-ft. home in just two days.Valuable items go to storage for later distribution. And based on the trustee’s instructions, our concierge crew donates or disposes of the remaining items. Suddenly the home is available for inspections and updates.
  2. Inspections
    We reveal the home’s true condition and create a realistic sales price forecast through thorough inspections.These assessments are the estate’s best investment. When we uncover the less obvious facts about the home, it minimizes surprises and leads to solid, contingency-free offers.

    Potential inspections:
    Sewer, pest, roof, contractor, chimney, soils engineer, structural engineer, arborist

  3. Home prep
    Our updates make the home truly market-worthy.

Among our typical, cost-effective recommendations:

  • Remove wallpaper, then paint to attract our targeted buyer
  • Refinish floors
  • Landscape yard/garden
  • Change locks
  • Make needed repairs
  • Install new fixtures, faucets, counters, appliances

My team of longtime associates helps me get the job done, often from listing agreement to accepted offer in 30 days. Let us give you a hand, with our coherent, time-tested program for refreshing and selling trust homes. Give me a call or shoot an email my way.