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The stylish living room of a home that's been prepared for sale, as featured in Craig Ackerman's book, "Selling Grandma's House."

Trust Home Tips


Over the last few years, I've completed more than 400 high-pressure real estate transactions. In many cases, I was assisting trustees and their attorneys. So I get it. The last thing the attorney wants to do is babysit the sale of grandma's house. And the trustee,...

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Why Estate Sales Are So Last Century

Recently, I was consulted on the sale of a beautiful home in trust on 25th Avenue in San Francisco. The home was bursting with more than 40 years of accumulated furniture, antiques, Asian art and memorabilia.

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A Hairy Sale: Clashing Brothers, Neglected Home

When the trust attorney came to me, the Marinwood neighborhood house had been vacant and untouched for two years. The property, in the coveted Dixie school district, belonged to the same family for 60 years but hadn’t been maintained.

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Mill Valley Home’s Potential Made Visible

I often hit a snag when the seller and attorney have trouble visualizing how cosmetic upgrades will dramatically transform the home. So they balk, complain or refuse to pay for them. But results are convincing.

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The Trust Home Slog Transformed

The last thing the estate’s attorney wants to do is babysit the sale of grandma’s house. And the trustee needs help moving things forward but doesn’t know who to trust. How do I streamline the sale process for busy, overwhelmed clients? Well, I don’t do it alone.

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