Home featured in Craig Ackerman's real estate book, Selling Grandma's House

Author Craig Ackerman Speaks on San Francisco Real Estate

Craig Ackerman, San Francisco Residential Realtor, Author and Speaker

Craig Ackerman

Craig Ackerman is a top-producing San Francisco Realtor with a specialty in trust home sales. He sees the traditional as-is sale as an injustice to the estate. Instead, he designed a system to prep the home, relieve the trustee’s stress, speed up the process and produce a great return.

Craig offers a dynamic presentation for Bay Area legal and financial professionals based on his 2016 book, Selling Grandma’s House – Streamlining trust home sales for San Francisco attorneys and trustees.

The 40-minute MCLE trust home curriculum

This no-fee seminar helps attorneys, advisors and trustees streamline the trust property sale and get results they can be proud of. Drawing on 300+ successfully closed transactions, Craig covers topics that include:

  • Embracing Pre-sale Inspections – The beauty of contingency-free offers and a fast sale
  • High ROI Updates – Before and after photos of the most critical prep steps
  • Financing Denied – 5 overlooked reasons trust properties can’t qualify for a mortgage
  • So Much Stuff – Securing and distributing the home’s valuable contents in days (not months)
  • Resale Inspections – Meeting today’s rigorous state & local requirements

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