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A Custom Guide for Selling 453 Colon Ave, San Francisco


Prepared for

Hal Nordback

Craig Ackerman, Realtor®, MBA
Certified Residential Specialist
Certified Probate Expert
Author, Selling Grandma’s House
Trust administration/int’l. marketing expert




How We Work With You

Based on your goals and your home’s unique strengths, here’s how we anticipate the sale will look*:

Cosmetic Resurfacing

Simple updates recommended but not required

Sale Timing

10 business days to prepare home
2 weeks on market till we accept bids


Syndicate listing online and reach out to my extensive professional and personal network

Estimated Sale Price

$1,625,000 to $1,687,000



*See details later in this sales guide.

Your Stated Goals

(we’re listening)


Your Goals and Considerations

Seller’s assumptions

 The funds will be used to finance the future quality of life and standard of living for your mother.

Sell the home within the next few weeks – we are not desperate but want the very highest and best sales price.

The estate sees value in having the home painted and landscaped.

This is strictly an “as-is” sale. 


Comparative Market Analysis


Date of SaleStatusList PriceSell Price $Sell to List
Price %
Price per
Sq. Ft.
DOMAddressSq. Ft# of
# of
# of
4/9/2018Sold $1,395,000 $1,565,000 112%$788.8121667 Los Palmos32 1,984 2
6/8/2018Sold $1,395,000 $1,700,000 122%$997.6516120 Cresta Vista Dr32.5 1,704 2
5/13/2019Sold $1,450,000 $1,475,000 102%$806.45192 Brentwood Ave33 1,829 1
Comp Average{avg}{avg}{avg}{avg}{avg}{avg}{avg}{avg}
Your Home453 Colon Ave, SF1,875 (tax record)322

We ran and re-ran comparable sales several ways, and here are some important points to keep in mind:

Homes we included in our comparable analysis and how they compare:

We applied a strict adherence to the disciplines we have learned the past 15 years focused on listing homes with the highest sales performance available:  Only homes in Westwood Highlands, minimum of 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, with at least one car garage parking.

Final calculation:

  • we will list your home for $1,395,000
  • we will expect it to sell for $1.625M to $1.687M
  • $865/SF to $900/SF

667 Los Palmos:

  • Very close proximity to the street
  • Not staged
  • Very good views from rear balcony
  • Older kitchen with laminate counter and tiled flooring
  • Pink bathroom with 2 large windows and separate shower
  • No yard, extreme down sloping lot
  • Main living level is only 1,454 SF

2 Brentwood:

  • Very close proximity to street – awkward placement at corner of Brentwood, Melrose and Mangels.
  • Staged elaborately
  • First on the market and failed (more than 100 days).  Relisted and sold in May, 2019.
  • Beautifully remodeled kitchen, new hardwood floors and updated bathrooms
  • No back yard – the only outdoor area is limited and closed off
  • The home was challenged by location, location, location and not ideal for families

120 Cresta Vista Dr

  • The homes on this street are very institutional appearing, lacking charm, set back from the street and interesting architectural allure
  • The home’s front door is inches from the sidewalk and very unappealing
  • The kitchen appliances are stainless and, new granite counters were installed
  • Baths were dated
  • 3 levels, lots of stairs
  • Excellent views from the home, but no yard – not a family home (not in our demographic target space)

Homes we eliminated from the comparable analysis and why:

  • 248 Colon was merely 1,330 SF, and therefore, not a relevant comparable for our purposes.
    • However, the sale price result did fall in the range of our expectations ($1,660,000)
    • The $/SF figure of $1,248 is 20% higher than the average due to the small size
    • The home did not have a second bathroom and not a fair representation of our home’s benefits
  • 1050 Monterey Blvd is not in the same neighborhood (Monterey Heights)
    • The home sits on a very busy street
  • 310 Valdez Avenue represents a poor example of the pricing on the home (Greedy pricing results in poor performance)
    • The home sold for 2.9% below the asking price
    • The home took over 60 days to close escrow (more than double the average time)
    • The home only has 1 bathroom.

Seller’s Estimated Net Proceeds


Prepared for Hal Nordback
by Craig Ackerman, MBA, CRS, Realtor – Ackerman Realty Group


 Estimated Sales Price (final price achieved is market-driven)Credits
aSales Commissions (4.95% Total: 2.5% to Buyer's agent as incentive to sell property) $80,438 $83,531
bCity & County Transfer Tax (See table below) $12,188 $12,656
cSan Francisco Energy and Water Conservation Inspection and Recording$400$400
dSan Francisco 3R Report$152$152
dNatural Hazard Disclosure Report (JCP)$124$124
dSan Francisco Underground Storage Tank Inspection$95$95
eProfessional Inspections (Home, Pest, Roof, etc) $1,300 $1,300
eProfessional Painting and Landscaping$11,900$11,900
fEscrow Fees$400$400
fGrant Deed$50$50
Subtotal (debit) $107,681 $111,244
Proceeds (est) $1,517,319 $1,576,257


aper listing agreement.
bper tax rate chart (below).
cOrdered by ARG. Does require on-site inspection. 7 day delivery. Includes county recording of compliance.
dOrdered by ARG. Does not require on-site inspection. 7 to 10 day delivery.
eOrdered by ARG. Final quotes available upon on-site vendor assessments.
fOrdered by escrow officer and billed at closing.

SF Transfer Tax Rates

Sales Price< $1M$1M-$5M>$5M
Tax Rate0.68%0.75%1.50%

Sales Plan of Action


Custom Sales Plan for
for 453 Colon Ave, San Francisco

What You Experience Matters Most

We provide you with an organized plan for selling your home. Each step is customized to your goals, timeline and preferred level of participation.

Would you rather be hands off? After our more than 400 customized plans and successful closings, we’re ready to take it from here.

Home Prep That Rocks

Need a hand getting your property market- ready? Ask about our network of all-stars, from painters to locksmiths, that provide Ackerman clients with affordable, reliable services.

Speed Your Close, Boost The Price

Enjoy the Ackerman difference – expert guidance for every step of your as-is sale or full-on cosmetic transformation. Your plan will include:

  • a timeline adapted to you
  • estimated cost/profit report on optional repairs and resurfacing
  • marketing strategy to attract competitive bidding for your property
  • regular updates to keep you informed
  • a spirited negotiator to secure the highest property price and a clean close

How We Increase Your Sale Price

Here’s how and why our home preparation process works.

Communication between us (It’s a respectful partnership)

  • Phone call (weekly): A pre-established call to provide updates, share information and stay aligned. 
  • Email summary: Following each on-site property event (broker tours, open house, twilight tours).

Promotions Campaign: 

  • >7,000 emails will be sent each week to REALTORSR, brokers and agents in 10 surrounding counties.
  • We make hundreds of phone calls EACH BUSINESS DAY to your neighbors, alerting them to your home.

Media and Advertising: 

  • Beautifully crafted Website with detailed descriptions of home’s period detail, craftsmanship (steel beam, redwood lumber, etc.) and design themes to educate buyers of the lifestyle advantages that our home offers.
  • Close-up photography of the best materials, appliances and most advantageous lifestyle themes offered.
  • Professionally drafted electronic floor plans, to include garage, driveway, yard and deck.
  • Links to all disclosures, maps, open house schedule and more.

The Bid Date Projection

  • All demand will be funneled to our bid date, to encourage as much participation as possible.  No early or preemptive offers will be considered so that your home receives full exposure and complete saturation of the entire pool of prospective buyers.
  • Once all bids are received, I personally call all the agents, verify with each mortgage lender, and gather more information in anticipation that we will be attempting to push and squeeze just a bit more to ensure we have not left any money on the table.

Our Offering: 

Time to paint home, landscape yard, etc. 2 weeks (full plan below)
Projected date to launch home August 29th, 2019
Total Commission 4.95%
Expected Listing Price $1.395M
Expected Sales Price $1.625M to $1.687M
Time to Multiple Bids 2 weeks
Marketing Activities Multiple Hosted Events Each Week



Before & After Resurfacing

Resurfacing Plan to Proactively Prepare, Market, and Sell 453 Colon Avenue, San Francisco

  • All work is optional
  • All work will be overseen by our team – no need for you to be involved
  • All colors, light fixtures and finishes will be chosen by our stager, designer
  • Work will not take more than 10 days to complete and require 2-3 business days advanced confirmation
  • See examples of how our clients benefit here: www.ackermanrealty.com/videos
  • These are estimates only, but very close.


Recommended projectsApprox. cost
Exterior Painting$4,900
Interior Painting$5,600
Exterior Landscaping$1,400
Total: $11,900
(initial estimates only, final quotes obtained upon signed listing agreement)

Exterior Painting 

The exterior will be washed with a gentle bleach solution to remove mildew, dust, etc.  Any imperfections will be patched, sanded to match.

A beautiful, deep rich color will be hand selected by our stager.  The front door, handrails and accent around the front windows will be adorned with a carefully selected matching color to emphasize the period detail and uniqueness of the subject property.  The front entry light will be replaced with new and all other finishes and hardware will be carefully examined to ensure side doors and all perspectives are addressed to ensure buyers have a very positive impression of the home.

Interior Painting 

The entire interior of the home will be evaluated for the right final plan.  All areas will be smoothed, and primed, where appropriate.  The final appearance will bring the home’s bedrooms, hallway, kitchen and common areas into the same classic colors for continuity and uniformity.  None of the beautifully refinished classic wood will be touched.  All areas of the bathroom will be evaluated for re-caulking, cleaning, and fine detailing with emphasis on creating a clean, light and brighter appearance.

The lower level bathroom and bedroom will be painted out in a clean, off-white eggshell finish.  Both of these rooms play a very important role in helping us to drive the very highest and best sales price.

The entire basement, garage and surrounding foundational walls will be gentled washed and repainted in a finished semigloss paint color determined by our stager/ interior designer for a clean, finished appearance.  This will also upgrade the W/D area and perceived usefulness of the lower level of the home for future expansion or remodeling.

Exterior Landscaping
New ‘to-scale’ scrubs, and succulents will be added to the entry way and side walkways to improve the curb appeal.  Trees and vegetation will be trimmed.  New ground cover installed at all garden area around the home for a softer, more alluring classic appearance to emphasize the attractiveness of this unique family home.

Where Buyers Come From

A common misconception by sellers is that someone they know—a neighbor or relative—is most likely to buy their home.

But statistics show that’s true only 1% of the time.

By far, more buyers find their homes via internet search or personal outreach by a real estate agent. That’s why my top priorities are syndicating your property listing online and connecting with my well-developed network of top agents. These colleagues represent qualified buyers and have worked with me many times.

54% Internet

34% Real estate agent

6% Sign/open house sign

2% Friend, relative, neighbor

2% Home builder or their agent

1% Directly from seller or know seller

1% Print newspaper advertisement

Combined sources: National Association of Realtors, California Association of Realtors, Local SF Research

Proposed Timeline – Faster Than You Think

We can typically polish your home to a high shine and launch it on the market in two weeks. Then, witness our wave of urgency-building outreach and open houses, followed by competitive bidding two weeks later.

How We Support You
And The Estate


Trust and Probate Properties

Most of our real estate transactions are for properties in trust administration or probate. So we’re experts at guiding sellers like you, who act as trustee or the estate’s personal representative for probate.

Supporting you, maximizing your performance
We know you’re under pressure to perform. Sell it faster. Get a higher price. You may feel vulnerable and nervous because you:

  • must make decisions that affect the beneficiaries’ proceeds
  • have little experience in real estate, especially trust or probate
  • are acting as peacekeeper and managing family dynamics

Our team is here to support you and help you deliver the best possible results. We’ve developed best practices that make the process easier and more effective for you.

As trustee or Personal Representative, you likely have a long history with the homeowner and extensive knowledge of the property. We help you disclose that knowledge, on the right forms, to buyers.

Acknowledging liability risks

The leading litigators in San Francisco tell me that many real estate agents are unfamiliar with trust administration transactions. This leaves the trustee or estate’s personal rep exposed to risk (especially when it comes to property disclosures).

Our trust property best practices

We’ve developed a unique approach to guiding you through a trust property sale. Our program minimizes risks while providing direction, implementation and support. It includes the best practices we’ve discovered over hundreds of transactions:

  • Memory triggering
    Buyers don’t like surprises. So we walk you through a triggering exercise to help you recall details about the property. This process uncovers forgotten or hidden information, improving disclosures and dramatically reducing lawsuit threats.
  • A photo archive
    To thoroughly analyze the property, we take 70 to 80 photos of the site, often the only record of the home’s condition available to decision makers.
This saves all of us time and money, including the contractors and stager.
  • Personal effects removal (this is a big one)

    No need to use your property as an expensive warehouse, a common problem in a trust or probate sale.Through our proprietary system, personal items are quickly and securely removed, and you are released from this overwhelming duty. Once the home is empty, we can resurface, stage and market the property.
  • The personal property team categorizes, labels and distributes everything in the home:
    • items for beneficiaries
    • storage (for distribution, appraisal, auction etc.)
    • donations and trash

Pre-market inspections & disclosures
Lack of disclosure is the primary cause of real estate litigation. That’s why we make it our business to provide comprehensive documentation.

Our disclosure package for the home includes:

  • a handwritten disclosure from your memory trigger exercise
  • all receipts, work orders, bids and documentation
  • inspection results

Removing obstacles to buyer financing
Sellers and buyers are surprised to learn that certain deficiencies in the property will prevent the approval of financing. We address those particular flaws, including:

  • nonfunctional furnace
  • bars on windows
  • active water leaks
  • lack of hot water
  • missing fixtures
  • obvious noncompliant additions or repairs

If you’re selling a condominium, we’ll also assist you in handling any special requirements, such as resale inspections and HOA documents requested by the lender.

The resurfacing goldmine
As we review disclosures and inspections, we pinpoint top priorities for repair or resurfacing. The action list in Section 4 is a preview that’s personalized to you and your property. It gives you the best choices, based on your budget and what we know now, for generating the highest return. Our network of contractors and stagers make this step easy for you.

Keeping you in the loop

See our reviews to appreciate why we’ve been honored with repeated customer service awards, including Five Star Real Estate Agent, for five years running. It’s because we communicate regularly, foresee roadblocks and guide clients through every step of preparation. For instance, you get traffic details about how many buyers and brokers toured your property following each on-site hosted event.

Ackerman Track Record
and Background



Million sold in real estate

Years in business

5-Star Yelp reviews

Years of int'l sales & marketing experience

5-Star Zillow reviews


Excerpts from Yelp

Kevin U., San Francisco
Estate Planning Attorney

“Craig is the most dedicated professional with whom I have ever worked. He has referred a number of his clients to me and every single one has raved about his excellent service.

Ackerman Realty Group also specializes in real estate transactions that occur during a probate or trust administration. Craig will provide immediate complimentary services including an estimate of home value and a copy of the deed. If you are a probate or estate planning attorney, I would strongly recommend Craig to handle your probate or trust sale.”

James O.
Estate Planning Attorney, San Francisco

“What Craig brings to the table that distinguishes him from other agents is a comprehensive plan and team that work with the singular purpose of getting his clients the best return on investment in a timely fashion.

His negotiation skills are top notch and his responsiveness is out of this world. More than once he provided me with key information to settle a contentious case in less than an hour. Because the stakes are high buying or selling real estate in the San Francisco area, I highly recommend Craig.”

Jan C.
Trustee to San Francisco Estate

“Craig and his team assisted us in the sale of my grandfather’s house, to settle the estate. We are from Florida and had no idea the complexity of the San Francisco market or the necessary paperwork. Craig successfully sold the house, using a very specific plan he recommended we follow. Without his guidance and input, we wouldn’t have had a successful sale. Words cannot express our gratitude for Craig’s hard work, concern and care for our satisfaction.”

Erica O.
Trustee to Family Trust Sale in San Francisco

“Craig has a true understanding of what buyers are looking for. We decided to pursue all of his recommendations to get the house resurfaced and move-in ready, and we got our money’s worth.

There were a few hiccups during the resurfacing process, but the Ackerman team has great response time, made things right and followed through with all of our requests.

The home sale involved parties in various states, but Craig maintained great communication. I am happy to recommend Craig Ackerman and his team because they delivered as promised.”

About Craig Ackerman, CRS, MBA

Serving property owners, trustees, legal and financial professionals
Established Ackerman Realty Group in 2003, with an entrepreneurial approach to real estate sales possible for each property.

Author – Selling Grandma’s House
Published in 2016, project stories and before/after photos of how to sell SF trust homes
Available on Amazon.com or ask me for a copy

Trust administration and probate specialty
Closed hundreds of trust, estate and probate sales
Teach continuing education trust and probate property courses to Bay Area attorneys
Attorneys regularly refer probate and trust administration cases to me

Developed a program for safely, promptly handling personal possessions
Was profoundly affected by helping empty both grandmother’s homes as a child
Developed a proprietary process, Trust Administration and Probate Sales System (TAPSS®), to streamline the tedious, emotional and time-consuming allocation of personal property

Education and credentials

  • Certified Probate Specialist
  • Certified Residential Specialist, equivalent of a graduate degree for agents
  • Licensed California Real Estate Broker (#01358899)
  • Led resurfacing of 100+ Bay Area homes, dramatically adding to their value
  • MBA, Rochester Institute of Technology, New York

Licensed contractor (CA State License #902071)
Extensive experience remodeling Bay Area homes

See your property’s full potential and can refer professional contacts to transform it

Grew up flipping homes
Flipped residential and rental/tenant projects in family business in New Jersey
Developed an eye and aptitude for simple upgrades that enhance a home’s sales price

Why Choose Our Independent Brokerage

Go local! We’re the San Francisco-grown choice, specializing in this very unique market.

You’ll experience a respectful, straightforward, honest interaction when you work with us. We don’t sell you. Or hound you. Or push you. My staff and I treat you like family.

We don’t waste time advertising Ackerman Realty. Instead, we promote your home.

My loyalty is to you and not a series of different brokerages. The number of times I’ve switched brokerages? Never.

I grew up flipping investment properties with my father. Then I took on my own projects, becoming a licensed contractor and Realtor, and sharpened my ability to identify and perform high-return property upgrades.

An honest property assessment and action plan

I create a personalized plan based on the level of cosmetic upgrades you’re comfortable with, time- and budget-wise. Two weeks and $7,000? No problem. No permits required—this is resurfacing only.

At our transaction volume, we can bring you top service providers at reduced prices:

  • Home repair, painting, floor refinishing
  • Moving, hauling, clean-up
  • Power washing, landscaping

You don’t give up control, just allow us to advise you. We move ahead only with your approval and help you reach consensus when you have multiple decision makers.

See videos of our home transformations and sales results.

Sample Marketing Materials


Single Family Homes in Your Area

Next Steps


Here’s how to keep the ball rolling:

  1. Let’s schedule time to go over this proposal together, by phone or in person. I’ll answer your questions and offer insights about your home. Call (415) 730-3030 or email me at [email protected] and give me a couple of options for when you’re free.
  2. REVIEW​ the Ackerman Realty Group listing agreement
  3. See our website for case studies, newsletters and client reviews
  4. Ask me for a copy of my book, Selling Grandma’s House, a guide for selling trust properties in the San Francisco area

Thank you for your interest in working with a flexible, creative and proven local company.