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The stylish living room of a home that's been prepared for sale, as featured in Craig Ackerman's book, "Selling Grandma's House."


Trust Administration & Probate

“Professional, knowledgeable and a true team member”

Craig was most professional, knowledgeable of the market, and realistic in how to best show, market and sell the 2-unit building for its best price. It sold in 30 days, without any complications. We are deeply indebted to Craig and his team for making our sales effort as easy as could be imagined. He kept us fully informed, made judicious decisions when necessary, and did not become a distraction. We would confidently recommend Craig Ackerman and his group to any organization needing representation in a real estate transaction. He truly became a team member.

JP L., Certified Trust & Financial Advisor

Sharp Healthcare, San Diego

“A force of nature”

I’ve worked with Craig a number of times when I referred clients to both buy and sell real estate. Each said he was a force of nature in getting the job done. Craig and his group specialize in assisting estate planning attorneys to sell real estate from a probate or trust administration. He provides several immediate complimentary services, including a copy of the latest deed and drive-by appraisal. He really takes control, and the attorney knows the job will get done without a lot of supervision.

Kevin U.

Several San Francisco properties sold

“His construction background is a huge advantage”

Craig Ackerman is simply the best realtor for residential properties in San Francisco. He comes totally prepared with a marketing plan, and proceeds to get great results. In my view, the key to his success is his constant effort to improve his knowledge of the market, and his extreme work ethic. He does not rest – the property will be sold. His construction background gives him a huge advantage in identifying any problems with a building, and how that will or will not affect the sales price. I have known Craig for several years, and he has handled several difficult transactions for me with complete competence.

James M.

San Francisco, Several homes sold in Mission District

“Results and passion”

Craig and his team transformed the property into a showcase home. It sold in 3 days because, among other factors, Craig phoned agents in the neighborhood and found one that had a willing buyer. Meanwhile, an identical home lingered on the market for 243 days before they achieved a sale, and it was for less money than ours. I could not be more delighted with the results and passion that Craig and his team put forth… They did everything they promised and more!                    

Vivian H.

San Francisco, Pacific Heights condo sold

“The home went into contract in 9 days”

As the trustee of a trust that held a multimillion dollar home in Mill Valley, there were a number of heirs and people watching how I handled the sale. I interviewed several realtors and Craig was not with a major brokerage, which concerned me. However, he explained how being independent freed him to work in my best interest. He assured me I could be as hands on or hands off as I liked, and convinced me that his stager and other support contractors were absolutely top of the line. And very importantly, he sold me on his ability to reach the target buyers for our house. There were 33 homes priced near ours in and around Mill Valley. The average sale time was nearly 189 days with many homes on the market for over a year going expired or withdrawn. Craig and his team had over 65 brokers come through on the first day. The home went into contract in 9 business days, received multiple offers, sold for more than asking, and closed in 3 weeks. The beneficiaries thought I was a rock star!


Home sold in Mill Valley

“Complete overview of what we could expect”

I’m very happy we chose Craig to handle the sale of the property. While we considered many agents, his presentation stood out because he pinpointed what his intentions were and why, and backed it up with convincing information. Craig was the only one who provided a complete overview of what we could expect from start to finish.


Home sold in Mill Valley

“It was a seamless operation”

Craig assisted us in the sale of my grandfather’s home to settle the estate. We are from Florida and had no idea of the market in San Francisco or the necessary paperwork. Craig stepped in and his team took over the cleaning out of the house, prepping it for sale and handling all the necessary inspections, paperwork and other needed tasks to close. It was a seamless operation and we cannot recommend Craig enough. You will not be sorry to have him handle your sale!



“We got over 30 offers”

The Ackerman Realty Group helped me through a difficult time. A family member passed and my siblings and I were trying to figure out what to do with the house. It needed some work and we didn’t have a lot of money. The Ackerman Realty “team” came in and saved the day! They got the house cleaned and fixed up, and put it on the market. We got over 30 offers and we sold it in no time. The entire team was very sensitive, helpful and thoughtful in a very difficult time.

Kelsie Juong

South Beach, San Francisco


“Was skeptical of niche company, now very pleased”

We are a very private family that lives a busy life. While I was initially skeptical of his niche company, we have completed several multi-million dollar transactions and have found Craig and his team to be very focused and true professionals. We are very pleased.

Nicholas W.

Nob Hill, San Francisco

“We received 4 offers in 10 days”

My wife and I believed in Craig’s vision and process to deliver a market-ready home, but we did not want to pay retail prices for the level of improvements he recommended. Craig’s team was professional, deliberate and dependable, all at a price that even surpassed our tight budget. Craig was a very effective project manager, director and negotiator on our behalf. He has great working relationships with everyone. We received four offers in 10 days! With Craig’s help we countered all the offers and the house sold for $1,480,000, a lot more than even the buyer’s appraisal. We are so delighted with the way that Craig and his team handled the details.

Jeff M.

Anza Vista, San Francisco

“Wish I had listed with Craig first”

After my listing agreement expired with another realtor I was desperate to try a new perspective. After interviewing Craig and another guy from TRI/Coldwell, I chose Craig because of his knowledge about the market, responsiveness and attention to detail. Craig revamped my staging, made it spotless (never met anyone more anal than me) and priced my condo in accordance with market conditions. I received three offers within 6 weeks. Having practiced law for 12 years, I value time and results. I only wish I had met Craig when I first listed my condo and saved three months of mortgage payments!

Hanh P.

Pacific Heights, San Francisco

“Extremely empathetic, maximized our return”

Craig exceeded my expectations in every way. I am in Wisconsin and found myself in a situation where I had lost a dear family member one day and then needing to act as executor the next day. Craig was highly recommended from my attorney…and he did not disappoint! Craig was extremely empathic and explained what would provide the highest return for the estate and its heirs (my mother and aunt). He had a strong sense for the correlation between the condition of the home, the cost to obtain a given condition and the related sales price that was possible. The final sale was quick and his ideas regarding updating the condo and staging were spot on…the home sold for more money than we anticipated.

Eric Nelson


“Condo sold quickly, multiple offers, over asking price”

Craig and his team at Ackerman Realty Group did a fantastic job of selling our Cole Valley condominium. He has a keen sense of what steps need to be taken to improve the value of your home. We agreed with Craig’s cosmetic improvements and staging recommendations. Our
 home looked fantastic! It sold very quickly, with multiple offers, over the asking price. Once you meet Craig you will see the excitement and passion he as for improving the value of your real estate. If you have a house that is sitting on the market, don’t sit around and hope it sells, invite Craig Ackerman over for coffee and watch the wheels start to turn.

Albert Stoll

Cole Valley, San Francisco

“10 day closing, all cash, $126K over asking”

I can honestly say that Craig exceeded my already high expectations, and I am absolutely delighted with the results. His team took over every aspect of preparing my San Francisco home – from inspections, to painting, to floor refinishing to major plumbing and roof work. The results were nothing less than fantastic:

  • 71 brokers visited during broker’s tour
  • 11 offers within a week
  • 10 day closing, with no appraisal contingency
  • an all-cash sale at $126,000 over asking!

I am thrilled. Craig and his team are passionate about what they do and they really strived to satisfy me. I cannot recommend Craig highly enough.

Carolyn R.

Bernal Heights, San Francisco

“Accepts bull from no one”

I’ve known Craig for over 10 years. The guy has a knack for marketing homes. His renovations are unreal, yet cost-effective and tasteful. He’s been around interiors, the building trades and home remodeling since he was a kid. When I’ve needed advice on my rental properties, or, when I’ve sold my own homes, Craig is the one I hire. He has the right mix of integrity, knowledge and confidence and he accepts bull from no one. He’s solid – understands how deals work and is a bulldog of a negotiator. If you don’t hire Craig, you’ve made a sub-optimum decision. Period.

John G.

San Rafael

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