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The stylish living room of a home that's been prepared for sale, as featured in Craig Ackerman's book, "Selling Grandma's House."

Case Studies: Before & After Videos

Our high-value makeovers inspire multiple offers and faster, more profitable sales.

7 days for $300,000 over asking 760 Dolores St., SF
Sold: $4.2MM

11 offers, sold for $3 million 186-188 Jersey St., SF
Sold: $3MM

Achieved over 600% ROI 236 Ashbury St., SF
Sold: $2.305MM

Sold $600,000+ over asking 550 9th Ave., SF
Sold: $2.216MM

Achieved over 500% ROI 49 Inverness Dr., San Rafael
Sold: $2.14MM

25 offers received, closed 7 days later 760 Rhode Island, SF
Sold: $1.85MM

ROI of 700% on upgrades 1334 Chestnut St., SF
Sold: $1.725MM

Patience and clean-up reaped extra $322,000 375 Crown Rd., Kentfield
Sold: $1.32MM

9 offers, sold $201,000 over asking 1572 Chestnut St., SF
Sold: $1.3MM

Sold in 4 hours 1180 De Haro St., SF
Sold: $1.25MM

ROI of 576% on upgrades 229 Ricardo Rd., Mill Valley
Sold: $1.2MM

4 offers, achieved 479% ROI on upgrades 284 Gold Mine Dr., SF
Sold: $1.04MM

31 offers, sold $176,000 over asking 2609 31st Ave., SF
Sold: $925,000

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