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Having an extraordinary mortgage lender on your side is crucial. It can be the deciding factor in getting the house you want.

I’ve worked with many mortgage lenders and all are not equal. My favorite financing pros are ones who help elevate my clients’ offers to the top of the pile.

Consider the criteria I use:

1. Choose a lender who takes you beyond loan pre-approval to stronger post-approval status

  • Avoids the need for a loan contingency in your offer
  • Faster close, making your offer more competitive
  • No cost to you, just the time invested in paperwork
  • Provides confidence that your purchase is assured to close

2. Trust a lender who will refer you to someone else if they can’t provide the best deal for your needs

  • My ongoing relationship with lending partners keeps them hustling for the best loan for my clients
  • Because of my many referrals, they have too much to lose and will admit when they’re not a fit for you

3. Value a mortgage lender who offers a very quick closing, and moves like they mean it

  • Expect closing as fast as 15 days on homes
  • Bottom line – the promise of a speedy resolution means your offer becomes almost as tempting as cash

4. Work with a lender who can do it all by email and phone

  • A streamlined process respects your time
  • Look for electronic signatures, encrypted technology, large file transfers…the full package

I have introduced over 150 buyers to a handful of carefully vetted lending partners (lenders I now consider friends). It gives me great pleasure to refer my clients to extraordinary people who are the very finest at their craft.

Can I help you polish up your offer, with the help of a stellar mortgage lender? Get in touch and I’ll introduce you.